Interview between Robert Swanepoel and Koot van der Walt

On the 25th of January 2016 Robert Swanepoel(On the Drop Magazine and Benzing Live agent for SA) had an Interview with Koot van der Walt to explain the 4 bird grouping concept.

“Maybe I should just explain that the fact that one competitor is flying a fast race against the other flying a headwind makes no difference as the competition is based on the distance the birds travelled in the net flying time of the “marker” and the difference between the distances and the average of these distances behind the “marker” is what determine the winner.

In a tail wind of a speed of 1800 mpm means the bird that was 1 min slow was 1.8 km behind the marker and his competitor racing a head wind of 900mpm being late one minute was only 500 meters behind the “Marker”” – Koot van der Walt – ODRA

Listen to the full interview here:

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