The new practical, fairest and most reliable competition in the Racing Pigeon sport.

That is a very bold statement to make, but let’s analyse it and see if we can reach agreement.


  1. All results are based on normal velocity calculations

Distance in meters


Net flying time

=   velocity. (Meters per minute)

  1. The “MARKER”: Is the pigeon with the highest velocity measured in a club, of 4 or more members from a liberation of not less than 400 birds from the same transport or liberation coordinates.
  2. By using the net flying time of the “MARKER” multiplied by the velocity of each arrival in your loft we can then determine the distance travelled of each participating racer in the same net flying time of the “MARKER”. The difference in distance between the measured racer and that of the “MARKER” is obviously the distance the measured bird was behind the “MARKER”
  3. Due to the fact that the competition can be run across borders of clubs and control bodies and that the distances flown by different clubs and organisations on the same day might differ by one hundred or more kilometres, a further calculation is needed to arrive at a result of “Kilo-meters Lost Per hour of flight” (KLPHF)
  4. The average KLPHF of the first birds which maybe 4, 5, 6, or more birds, depending on the type of competition, compared against the same average of your competitor determines the winning loft.


  1. Determining the club champion with the best loft grouping is by far better than, All birds, Single birds or +One methods. Fanciers with multiple teams no longer has any advantage over the smaller fancier with one team.
  2. Interclub and Inter-organisation competitions is now possible by comparing the average of the first four lofts with that of the competitors in the competition.
  3. The so called “Pull” and weather conditions is no longer a factor, if the “MARKER” could arrive in a certain area at a certain velocity, theoretically it was possible for all birds to have accomplished the same
  4. This competition does not affect the current results based on the best velocity being the winner, it is simply applies the same data to calculate a more interesting and usable result.

To read and understand the rules of this competition as well the 2016 national results, of 300 measured lofts now competing, please visit the website

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