Use of “Sweet” Performance Enhancers in Racing Pigeons.

the use of sweat performance enhancers in racing pigeons

The use of “Sweet” Performance Enhancers in Racing Pigeons.

In the early sixties and maybe as early as the late fifties the biggest secret in racing pigeons was the use of the mixture “Cytogon and Ferrecobrin” which was a mixture of a human Iron supplement and B12. The famous Piet Schoeman based his “Car win tonic” on that formula.

The results showed that it did work and many winners was given this mixture prior to a race with the same after effects, the front birds performed well but all of sudden fanciers noticed a bad return of the late comers and even the loss of their previous week’s winners.

The experienced fanciers immediately stopped the use of this mixture and their returns became normal again. A later claim was that it caused “Slym in die keel” (Mycoplasma) and the use of the mixture died a sudden death.

Now in the midst of all available information on the internet and more qualified veterinarians becoming interested in the sport of racing pigeons who gave the same condition of “Slym in die keel” the more correct name of “Biofilm” with the same result of huge losses more especially in young birds.

Be careful not to make the same mistake when using today’s biggest secret “Beetroot Powder” anything sweet will immediately affect the effectiveness of the crop as candida and other bad bacteria flourish with the extra “sweets” they receive. Beet powder contains lots of iron and B12 and it stimulates the body to manufacture more red cells which assist in the transport and availability of oxygen.

Test the birds early morning on the perch for good solid droppings and examine the crop, if you can feel food from the previous day, even if it is only slightly present, remove all water from the troughs and replace with a mixture of 15 ml Bleach on 5 litres of water for 24 hours. Take great care NOT TO MIX THE BLEACH WITH ANY OTHER INGREDIENT in the water.

Please don’t be fooled by expensive imported steam-dried beetroot powder that claim no side effects, and yes South African steam-dried Beetroot powder is just as good or bad for your birds. You can buy the product in any health shop.

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