Which is the most accurate, distance calculator software to use in Pigeon Racing?

Which is the most accurate,distance calculator software to use in Pigeon Racing?

Combine liberation, competition and championships are now on the lips of every pigeon fancier in Gauteng and neighbouring provinces.

The question however is, if every Federation or Union uses different software, such as Speedbird, Winbird and FalconFlight how can we have a combined result? Surely we must use a universal software formula to achieve a correct result!

All too often we hear the complaint when there is a dual participation in multiple organisations that distances differ up 1.5 kilometres, which to say the least is utterly unacceptable.

SANPO’s specification on this subject is that all distance calculators in approved software must comply with the WGS-84 (World Geodetic System – 1984) coordinate system.

ODRA now has a WGS-84 distance calculator on our website. One should visit www.odra.co.za and find the image below under “Competitions” and then “WGS 84 distance calculator”. Scroll down until you reach the paragraph “Download” and click on “setup.exe”.



It is now possible for every fancier to enter his or her coordinates and check if the distances as reflected by the results obtained from the control body in question, is correct.

Rest assured, results obtained from the FalconFlight program are correct, as they have been tested every weekend for the last two racing seasons by the Benzing-live results. Never did 60 clubs and 300 lofts find any difference in the distance calculations. John Falck’s software is still the only software that may and is definitely capable of drawing the Benzing live results from the Benzing website. What is more, amazing, it is extremely fast!

The new Benzing international site will also accommodate the FalconFlight software, and what is more relevant John is waiting for Benzing to approve his request to use the information straight into his FalcoLoft software. No more sitting for hours to enter results into your loft-management software.

When using the WGS 84 calculator on the ODRA site, please note that you may change the N (north) S (south) buttons by clicking on it as well as the Min and second readings to decimal by clicking on “Options” and then on “Format”. The other variable KM or Ft may also be changed by clicking on the button.

Please remember the software must first be “downloaded” and saved on your PC before it becomes live to do calculations.

Using Coordinates from Google Earth could be misleading as the accuracy of the measured loft or liberation point might be incorrect by as much as 100 meters.

Organisations or clubs that wishes to purchase the FalconFlight program can do so, at a price of R2500.00 per club or there is a rental facility from ODRA at R300.00 per year per club.

However, John and ODRA is always open for negotiations should any organisation buy or rent the software for multiple clubs. Please phone John directly on 0823131989 for a special deal, or you may phone Koot at 0832692492 for a rental option.

As far as user-friendliness and backup service are concerned, the Falcon Flight software is tops. What is more, never has there been an update-charge from this top-class programmer. John simply makes the updates on his server and next time you download information from there you automatically receive the new version, AT NO CHARGE

Should an organisation require a combined fed or union weakly result for every race, there will be a cost of R150.00 per club per year for John to create the result, again a minute amount to pay for such a labour saving facility. This amount include the National, provincial and organisational Loft-grouping results.

To repeat, FalconFlight is still the only racing pigeon software that can download Benzing-live results direct from the Benzing Website SO THAT YOU CAN TRULY STRIKE-OUT AT HOME, without having to go back to the club for the old fashion  6,5,4,3,2,1,Strike!

The South African Racing Pigeon fraternity owes John Falck a huge applause.

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