These are better options for cutting glass tiles because they use rotating wheels to cut the glass instead of two blades, which may crush a glass tile. Like you said. Ta-da! At left is a bottle shape typically used for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. After you score the glass, break it the glass where you have it scored. For cutting most glass mosaics we suggest the use of a professional manual tile cutter instead of the specific diamond blade. While wine bottles can be used for various things, this tutorial is basically aimed at cutting the tops off. Glass dust on top after the water has drained back into the resevoir. Can you use this method to cut a bottle lengthwise - from neck to base? As you should have ear plugs in, you should still be able to barely hear the glass hitting the cutting wheel. It's more difficult, and takes quite a bit of precision. It is used to cut tiles for flooring, bathroom, kitchen, and other mosaic projects. I really should update it. My personal manner of holding the bottle is with both hands. Score the tile. Note the bottle shape allows for slightly over half the bottle length to be cut into rings easily. A Wet Tile Saw is a power tool that you can easily find at any home improvement store. But tempered glass is not ordinary. Slightly unscrew the knob, adjust each side of the rip guide, making certain they are both the same, tighten knobs. Manual Method Using a Nipper. While wine bottles can be used for various things, this tutorial is basically aimed at cutting the tops off. Details, details, details for the techy: (7" QEP Wet Tile Saw) 120 Volts 60 Cycle 3600 RPM 4 Amps, Alright folks, you now have a bottle cut into rings. They are quite rough. Only 9 left in stock - order soon. :-) Short answer - yes, a 4" tile saw will work, but...When you are cutting off the bottoms, it doesn't matter, as the glass will make contact with the blade. Thanks so much for this tutorial! on Introduction. All you have is the saw cord and some water. This will give you the most control of your blade. I used a brand new diamond blade in a wet saw but the edges definitely need smoothing still. The best instrument to cut glass tiles is a wet tile saw. If you arent dead centered, you run the risk of cutting one side of the neck too short, generally causing it to be very weak (& in my case, break easily!). The rationale for cutting glass tiles upside down is that the glass tile blade will cut … In choosing a bottle to cut on your tile saw, keep in mind that lumpy, bumpy or odd shaped bottles are a little more difficult to cut straight. Wet saw, works best. Before using any tool to cut tile, measure the glazed side of the tile to determine where you need to make the cut. After you work, be sure to clean your hands and arms and put on lotion, as they will feel as though you have been handling chalk all day. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Keep in mind, you don't have to work with the tiny section at the top of the bottle. Glass tiles are more fragile than other tile materials, so while you can cut glass with a tile cutter, the glass may chip or crack easily. 3 years ago. But if you are looking to cut off the top section, depending on the size of the bottle, you may not be able to reach it with the blade. Did you make this project? Slowly, don't move too fast. Yes, you sure can. Take the glass tile to the tile wet saw and place it face down on the tray. 48. In other words, consumption of the bottle contents is fine, just not while doing this project. Cutting it at a tilted angle is not my favorite thing to do, with regard to safety. You might want to save these hubs, who knows when a new idea may strike. I hope to update it soon with much better images. The tool which you will need here to cut a glass bottle here is a 7" QEP Wet Tile Saw (120 Volts, 60 Cycle, 3600 RPM, 4 Amps). Yes that was confusing. Can't say what kind … Be sure to file, torch or otherwise smooth down the sharp edges before using it as a drinking vessel. This tutorial is based on use of a 7" QEP wet tile saw. They can cut fancy shapes and are faster than wire saws. They run a pattern bar through the thing and instead of slices, they get frit. If you are in need of a straight cut on a glass bottle, especially a wine bottle, this is right up your alley! Hope you still have your safety glasses and earplugs handy! No wires, no candles or flame, no torches or shattered glass after all that work. Let me reassure you that use of the word 'blade' is not what it sounds like. Most saws come with both inch and centimeter marks. After purchasing numerous gadgets and widgets to cut glass over the years, I finally discovered the joys of using a wet tile saw. How to Tile Around Outlets on a Backsplash With Glass Tile, Contractors Direct: Tile Cutters and Nippers, How to Redo a Mirror Frame With Mosaic Glass. ;-), Hi thanks for the quick reply it makes sense :) i think i will get a 7 inch cutter to give me the best versatility for diff bottles. A diamond-coated blade is optimal because while other blades can cut through glass, they may damage the material. Glass is more fragile than ceramic or porcelain tile, so work slowly to reduce the risk of damage. Bottles can be replaced, babies on the other hand...hmm. For this project, you can use a standard inexpensive blade – it should work just fine. In our case, we’ll use a wet tile saw to cut glass bottles. And the way you slice it is, apparently, profoundly affected by a good blade. Hopefully, this Instructable will have you wishing and wanting a tile saw yourself. Hi, we are anxiously waiting for the instructions on using the kiln with those glass rings that you had cut! Tiles saws are not that expensive to purchase, and are relatively easy to operate. hi there, has anyone used this method to slice the bottoms off cut glass decanters? The diamond blade can cut the hardest varieties of tile. Nice to meet you. Another thing to note are the punts, which I lovingly refer to as nubs or hubs on the bottom inside many bottles. If not, give me a poke, and I'll try to do a better job. Pull the glass pieces off when cutting the granite in the saw. Nippers are the ideal tools for cutting small pieces out of tile if you … You’ll get better results from your glass cutting if you follow a few important tips:. Babies, pets and other critters under feet are not a good idea while using the saw. Not so easy. I have cut all of my bottles but now the challenge is smoothing out the rough glass at the rims. Be very, very mindful and careful when cutting.