Learn the fundamentals of profitable Short Deck hold'em. (Note: Learn how to play Heads Up No Limit Hold’em from the best- Doug Polk! Welcome to the first episode of Sit & Go Strategy with tonkaaaap. If you are the short stack however, this is a no-brainer shove. This time on the daily fast, I use an exploitative strategy in heads-up hyper-turbo tournament against an aggressive villain. May 21, 2019. While the higher stakes are full of hungry sharks, the lower stakes are relatively uncompetitive. Even though this article is placed in the SNG poker strategy section, the findings presented here apply to Multi Table Tournaments (MTT) and other variations of SNG games such as Double or Nothing Tournaments (DON). Therefore it is imperative that we continuously work on improving our game to uncover and correct as many leaks as quickly as possible. To paint an extreme example, imagine a scenario where you’re in a 9-handed poker game, be it a tournament or cash-game, and you notice that the player to your direct right is not calling nearly wide enough in pretty much every preflop situation, a real “nit”, as they say. Main Difference Between Regular and Turbo SNG. Turbo poker tournaments are becoming increasingly popular at online poker rooms. 22 Nov 2014 PokerPlayer Poker Strategy, Sit & Go Poker, Slider. Buy-ins start from $15, but win your seats for less in low-cost satellites. The same goes for opening the pot from the small blind. So let’s explore the anatomy of this exciting poker format and explore its pros, cons, and two most common myths. Don't miss the Main Event on March 3, with $25,000 GTD. Now you can just sit back and laugh when other players spew chips by raising and then folding to your shove. Essential tips regarding the strategy: You need to play right from the beginning: This guide will help you understand which hands to raise first in in Pot Limit Omaha. Most of the time the only decision you need to make is shove or fold. Poker Strategy and Hand Discussions; Sit and Go Tournaments; Hand discussions for Sit and Go-Tournaments; Quick search. Headsup hypers are an action-packed game, full of wide ranges clashing against each other. For instance: If you have 5 or fewer big blinds, and no one has opened the pot in front of you, it is correct to move all-in from the button or small blind with any two cards. Starting Stack: 5,000 (12.5 BB) Blinds: 200/400 with a 80 ante. By Greg Walker. Immediately improve your Mixed Game strategy and win more money. Although your edge in these games is likely going to be huge, it’s not a fun life trying to overcome 4% rake. Play larger buy-in MTTs and make more money. Don’t change style during early levels (tight is still right) With such a deep stack with which to start, … Position, Position, Position. Directly impacted by its duration, the action in HUHTs tends to be loose and fast. The blind levels go up rapidly throughout the game, easily whipping through large field tournaments in just a few hours. Show all favourites. Either fold and conserve your ability to apply maximum pressure, or shove and apply maximum pressure. How to crush six-max hyper turbo sit-and-gos. In Hyper Turbos you should almost always be making a decision for your entire stack right from the beginning of the hand. This may be the most important tip to take with you into … So if you’re like Jennifer Tilly and need better than jacks-full to bet your hand, perhaps reconsider your interest in these games to avoid finding yourself on the wrong side of the dreaded Stunned Ivey expression. Sign up for 45% cashback and $600. A philosophy of ‘bet until your opponent gives you a reason to stop’ is a good first principle when developing a hyper turbo strategy. Check out Doug’s FREE video series on Heads Up strategy by clicking HERE or below!). A solid extension of Mersenneary's teachings." The most common misconception among recreational and inexperienced players who are not used to such a consistently shallow stack-depth, is that the game is primarily a preflop game that involves nothing but open-shoving and rehoving. This may be the most important tip to take with you into the hectic world of hyper turbos. How to Count Cards (and Bring Down the House) - Duration: 11:28. Sign up to receive a $1000 deposit bonus. What could be better than learning from high stakes MTT players on their final table of WCOOP 6-Max Hyper Turbo event? While the higher stakes are full of hungry sharks, the lower stakes are relatively uncompetitive.