I hope this helps. I first tried the 2 1/4 and it played nicely but I thought it was a tad soft so I went to the 2 3/4 strength. With their high strength and long-lasting durability, they're less likely to give out on you in the middle of a performance, too. I tend to use Fibracell in jazz settings and Legere in classical settings. Legere is a smoother sound than Fibracell. Compare Compare Now site8prodL25698. Saxontheweb.net Fortunately, someone from Fibracell musta read one of my earlier SOTW posts on the problem (didn't know whether to pull the film off or leave it on) and sent me a replacement. I tried Legere reeds a year ago and was not totally convinced, but they seem to finally have found the right formula with a new model, the Legere Signature. Legere Standard/Studio: Tenor 1.5, 3, 2.5, Bari 2, 2.5: The Legere Standard\Studio series are all the local music stores stocked for a while (they now have signature! Fibracell Strengths 1 ¾ Classic 1 ½ 2 Soft 3 2 Classic 2 2 Soft Medium 2 Signature 2 2 ½ Med. Fibracell FCTSP3 Premier Series Synthetic Reed for Tenor Saxophone, 3 Strength 4.4 out of 5 stars 277 Fibracell Premier Synthetic Alto Saxophone Reed Strength 3 It’s this new and different approach as a player when playing a FIBRACELL reed that will make all the difference in the world. The reeds are available in a variety of cuts, like the Signature and Classic and multiple strengths to accommodate both jazz and orchestral players. USA) will see net-prices after submitting a valid billing-address during checkout. I personally have played all with the exception of the Hahn manufactured reeds. Légère European Signature – From $42.49. Disclaimer: As with all Clarineat reviews, this product was provided by Légère for review purposes. Fibracell Synthetic Saxophone Reeds. Fibracell has a bit of an edge. Shipping. Clarinet Reeds. Legere Signature vs. Rigotti Gold Reeds. 4.0 of 5 stars (39 Reviews) Starting at $32.99. Legere Reeds Signature Series Tenor Saxophone Reed. Forestone -vs- Legere Signature " The Future Is Here" Author: CWH Date: 2010-02-12 13:47 ... Forestone, Legere, Fibracell, Bari & Hahn. but they last up to 4 times longer with no unplayable reeds and aren't affected by heat or humidity. I just got a legere reed but wanted a fibracell reed. Van klein reperatieatelier zijn we uitgegroeid tot dé saxofoonwinkel met de meest complete webshop van Nederland. Recently, at the TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) convention in San Antonio, TX, Legere had a booth present with an artist performing on tenor sax using the Signature series reeds. I sometimes use Rico Plasticover 3's as well, but once again they feel a bit buzzy. Very much looking forward to trying Légère's new American Cut reed for tenor. *All Euro prices incl. Premium Synthetic Woodwind Reeds. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. but they last up to 4 times longer with no unplayable reeds and aren't affected by heat or humidity. “I’ve been playing Fibracell reeds for over 20 years now and they have become a significant part of my signature sound. I also play on D'addario reserve classic 3.5 reeds! Legere Signature altsax kunststof riet 1 stuk kunststof riet voor .. €31,45. ), so when I was in a pinch and couldn't wait for Amazon I would pick these up. The Légère reeds are a synthetic reed. Episode 15 – Tim Elvy of Légère Reeds. The comprehensive strength charts below compare popular cane strengths to the matching Légère reed strength and cut. Legere Tenor Saxophone Signature Series Reeds 2.0. 3. share. I really love the legere reeds. Fibracell reeds are sold individually and last up to 6 times longer than cane, making them less expensive to use than cane! With their high strength and long-lasting durability, they're less likely to give out on you in the middle of a performance, too. Related Podcast Episode. 19% VAT and excl. While most reeds are made out of cane, ... Fibracell Tenor Saxophone Reeds. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Fibracell Premier Synthetic Alto Saxophone Reed Strength 3 at Amazon.com. So what are these reeds? Bestellen. That having been said, I have found the Forestone … What is Fibracell? Légère clarinet reeds respond instantly providing long-lasting, orchestral-grade sound, every time. Close behind is the Hahn Fibre Reed, I played one of these and liked it a lot when I test played one at the Frankfurt Musikmesse fair, but when I ordered one to play at home, it seemed completely different. I've had really good success with MIRI's Fibracell reeds for both tenor and alto. Signing as a Corporation When a corporation enters into a contract, the document must be signed by someone who has the authority to enter into legal obligations on behalf of the corporation. I would have liked to have heard the Signature or the Fibracell on your mouthpiece but I understand that it would be to time-consuming to hear them all. This one felt great but after going back and forth, I realized that the 2 3/4 felt stiffer than the Rigotti reed so I went back to the 2 1/4 which felt closer in strength. The Légère Signature Series reeds did not feel like cane when first test playing but after playing for a few minutes, the Légère reed felt comfortable on both alto and tenor. Open quick view dialog for Legere Reeds Signature Series Tenor Saxophone Reed. However, I stand by and really enjoy both Legere reeds and Fibracell reeds. Click on your reed below to order! Major name manufacturers of Synthetic reeds include Legere, Bari, and Fibracell; available for every saxophone and in varied strengths. They are clear (which is bit unusual and takes some getting used to when mounting on your mouthpiece). Fibracell reeds even have the same weight and stiffness as cane (cane floats and so does Fibracell!) I tried the Legere reed (studio cut) a few years ago and couldn’t find a size,tone or response that I was satisfied with. Understanding the benefits of each and the common disadvantages they bring is a good starting point. Fibracell Premier Heel goed kunststof riet in lagen gemaakt van o... €18,95 Bestellen. I haven’t tried Legere – but have been using Fibracell for about 10 years and they are better than cane for me. Recently I bought a Legere Signature, thought I may as well try it, and also have a spare when the Fibracell eventually dies. Unsure what your strength is? And it never fails either! The goal is to find something that works for you. These guys have been around a very long time now. Fibracell Premier Bartitone Sax Reed Dikte 5,0, Snelle response, Vol, krachtig resonerende toon, Gemaakt van een combinatie van hout en kunststof (4) Fibracell Premier Baritone Saxophone 4.0 level 2. The mouthpiece is consistant, which is a Vintage Otto Link 7. Bezoek onze winkel! MIRI, Corp. 1080 Linda Vista Drive, Suite A San Marcos, CA. They come in quarter sizes which is kind of interesting. This is an excerpt from a live stream where saxophonist Quamon Fowler demos the Vandoren JAVA Red, Legere Signature, Fibracell, and Bari reeds with the Saxotone Super Stak and Oleg Ligatures. Legere American Cut altsax kunststof ... Legere Signature altsax kunststof riet. Report Save. It’s well established as one of the most popular and best selling synthetics. The signature block at the bottom of the agreement should state the partnership's name, the name of the person signing and his or her designation as general partner. I do think the Fibracell can sound a tad harsh, however my friends say they can't hear the difference. In-Cart Discount. So it’s a totally different ball game. I find them rather dull and difficult in the altissimo. Signature; Check out the Legere vs Vandoren cane in the video below: ... Hi Johnny I liked the Java sound whereas the Legere seems a bit to classic. From the selection the store had when I bought mine to the information that I saw online, they only make one model or style of reed which is called the Fibracell Premier. For me, the Signature Series reeds from Légére are the most amazing reeds I’ve played on, synthetic or otherwise. The first time I tried them I was so surprised by the quality! Legere Signature Reeds – From $38.99. They always inspire me to play as creatively as I possibly can!” – Mark Douthit But the key here is that we are talking apples and oranges in the form of cane vs FIBRACELL not cane vs. cane or even synthetic vs synthetic. Let's take a look at the Legere Signature Series synthetic reed. Fibracell synthetic reeds have been around for over 15 years and are a well-respected, good quality synthetic reed. Fibracell reeds even have the same weight and stiffness as cane (cane floats and so does Fibracell!) I play on a legere signature 3 3/4 and I love it! They also didn't have … Clients from tax-free countries (e.g. Why is that legere is plastic looking I also have a Fibracell 2½, and while it is about as easy to play as the Legere, I don't like its buzzy sound. I then got a Legere Studio from WWBW after reading some good stuff on it in here. What is Fibracell? Original Poster 4 years ago. After ordering them at my local Long & McQuade—the day after my friend Ray introduced me to them—I had to wait a week before the store could get them in stock. the owner said leger is better but i don't believe him which is better also i saw fibracell doesn't look synthetic it looks like regualr wood. Still blowing fine. Final Conclusion I would like to thank Chis Kortschot, Marketing Manager at Légère Reeds, for sending me the multiple Signature Series reeds to test play for alto and tenor saxophone. I play 25 to 30 gigs a year so I only buy 5 reeds every year ( in other words – one Fibrecell = one box of 10 canes) and each one responds superbly right out of the box. Fibracell vs Legere vs Bari for Alto | Sax on the Web Forum. Unlike many saxophonists, Légère has not 'done it' for me, having tried several strengths of both the Signature and Classic cuts. On the alto (Yamaha 4C MPC), I very strongly prefer the Legere Signature 2.25 over the Forestone 2.5 I have. Last night I had my first opportunity to use the Légère Signature Series reeds at rehearsal. De saxofoonwinkel bevindt zich aan een van de oudste en mooiste pleinen van Deventer aan de voet van de Lebuïnustoren.