Membership Benefits

Join Odra Now and become part of the solution, with the slogan

“…in the interest of the Pigeon”

Benzing Live UnitOdra members receive the following:

Odra Competition

The 4 Bird grouping competition patented and owned by ODRA is the only fair competition that offers a National, provincial, regional, as well as club results and declared Champions from participants. This competition is available to all Benzing-live owners

Benzing Live

To be able to partake in the four bird grouping competition ODRA can offer and subsidise the next 40 members with the following Benzing equipment

Item Normal Selling Price
Benzing Live R4 375.00
Express G2 Benzing Timer R6 500.00
G3 Antenna R2 625.00
Sub Total R13 500.00
Less 45% ODRA Membership Discount R6 000.00
Total to be paid by member R7 500.00
Paid over 12 months on Mobicred Revolving Credit R737.00 pm

Revolving Credit means once you have made a payment you may use the installment amount to purchase again on our other products including Pigeons on Auction.

Club Antenna R7 740.00
Less 50% R3 870.00

Benzing Live Unit Graph

ODRA discounted price R3 870.00 or R380 pm

(based on €1 =R15.50)

Annual Co-Op declared profit share

Odra is a properly registered Primary Cooperative and therefor all members are entitled to annual   profit sharing of declared dividends with no liability to losses if any.

Subsidised Transport costs to Greater Ekurhuleni based members

Prices for 2016

Race program over 16 weeks on the day races maximum 750 km weather permitting returns on the day.

R90.00 per bird in teams of 15 birds for Open teams and 10 birds for young bird teams.

5 Bird teams as 1st teams or 2nd teams on young or open teams will be allowed at R450.00

Sprint series of 13 of 270km and 3 of 370km to be liberated on Saturdays for the first 6 weeks and thereafter on Fridays at 09:00hrs. Price R1750 including a 1 X 5 bird team in the race program.

Full cooperation with the NSPCA

Not only does Odra endeavour to maximise “on the day returns” by most participating birds but will make available NSPCA remote inspections via internet and CCTV cameras on the truck and in Nigel club.All other distant basketing facilities will be subsidised by Odra over time to obtain the CCTV equipment which will allow NSPCA remote supervision at all times.

ODRA Operations Manual
ODRA Opperations Manual

In this manual we cover:

  • Historical Background of the racing (carrier) pigeon
  • Principals of ODRA as a Racing Pigeon Co-Op
  • Main functions of ODRA as a Co-Op for the Racing pigeon sport
  • Fundamental requirements and funding methods to establish an affiliated club
  • ODRA Membership and area of operation
  • Competitions

ODRA ConstitutionODRA Constitution

In this constitution we cover:

  • Form of co-operative
  • Definitions
  • Places of business
  • Objectives
  • Membership
  • Management of co-operative board of directors
  • Board meetings and quorum
  • By-laws
  • Delegation of powers to a committee
  • General meetings