Japanisch However, Rentaro interrupts her and inquiries her trust for him. Miori is the president of the Student Council at their school and daughter of the president of Shiba Heavy Weapons. Er schließt sich Rentaros Adjuvant im Dritten Kanto-Krieg an. Yuuki Kaji Just then, Rentaro reveals his Varanium-infused limbs, informing Kagetane that he is a Mechanical Soldier from the New Human Creation Plan. Auf der Jagd nach Kagetane Hiruko findet Rentaro die verletzte Kayo im Gastrea-Gebiet und versorgen ihre Wunden. Seitenshi, however, dismisses it and explains to them that they must find the Legacy of the Seven Stars before the enemy; or Tokyo will meet its end. Männlich Arriving to the take off location, they encounter Shougen and Kayo. Before parting ways, Shougen orders Rentaro not to get in his way after hearing him thank him for saving his life. However, he only receives laughter in return. Den ersten Knopf seines weißen Hemdes trägt er offen, dazu eine einfache blaue Krawatte. [101], When they were alone in a forest where Kisara located the original source of the Gastrea, Enju admits to Rentaro that she wishes to protect everyone, whilst her vision is clouded by tears falling down her face. Around his wrist, Rentaro keeps the large blue cuff, with a small white line circling around the middle, folded accordingly. Once he arrives to Sumire's laboratory, he prepares his weapons and is given AGV Experimental Drugs, but is told that using it should only be a last resort. Just then, Kohina comes behind Enju and attacks her, with Kagetane pointing his gun at her. With his final words to Kagetane being for him to go to hell, he is shot and falls into the river. Black bullet rentaro - Die Produkte unter der Vielzahl an verglichenenBlack bullet rentaro. When they hear an explosion, Rentaro and Enju rapidly head towards it. Erster Auftritt Wenn er es benutzt hat er deutlich bessere Reflexe, da sich für ihn vermeintlich die Zeit verlangsamt, indem seine Gedanken "übertaktet" werden. [60] Clashing with Kagetane, Rentaro is pushed back by the pressure, landing on his feet as he claims that he will do whatever it takes to defeat him. Pondering, he tells Enju that no matter how ridiculously strong Kagetane is, he would not be hiding in a forest infected with Stage III and IV Gastrea. True to his statement, a Gastrea stands behind them. When the two first met, Shougen quickly confronted the young boy after being asked to introduce himself; smashing his head strongly against Rentaro's and sending him back. https://blackbullet.fandom.com/de/wiki/Rentaro_Satomi?oldid=5553. Moments later however, he questions the contents inside the case in Kayo's possession, with the young girl refusing to open it. However, he somehow manages to pick himself up and come near a river. Nonetheless, Kagetane and Kohina are just as quick—appearing behind the two as they reach a stop. The two talk, and after Sumire comments on how the Cursed Children might be entities sent by god to rid the world of its pollution, Rentaro gets up and angrily informs her that Enju is a human. Rentaro recalls that they are Varanium bullets, standing in front of Enju to protect her from the multiple bullets fired by Kagetane. Quickly asking a new question related to Enju's flaring eyes, he is met by the response of she being an Initiator. Er konnte nur durch einen chirurgischen Eingriff, durchgeführt von Sumire Muroto, gerettet werden. Er verteidigt Enju immer wieder gegen die Anfeindungen anderer und versucht ihr ein normales Leben zu ermöglichen. He was told by Sumire herself that this Experimental Drug contains artificial Gastrea Virus that grants him superhuman healing abilities,[88] and is only to be utilized as a last resort weapon;[89] the user may forfeit their humanity. Rentaro grabs his gun and confronts him, but a small girl, who turns out to be Kagetane's own daughter and Initiator, passes by his side without being noticed. As he watches this, a loud laugh interrupts the meeting, revealing to be the masked man introducing himself as Kagetane Hiruko. However, understanding her words, he leaves with the thought in mind that Enju is his family. [4] Said statement is further emphasized when Enju, she herself being a Cursed Child, is mistreated by her school peers due to the Gastrea blood running through her veins;[5] Rentaro unthinkingly exits his own school to go to her side. 里見蓮太郎(さとみ れんたろう) Rentaro recalls the time women would have give birth by rivers to drown their kids if they were born with Gastrea blood, he as well remembers the time he met Enju; attacked by the latter due to her distrust for humans. Rentaro can only stare as he asks Enju, whom he thinks is Kayo, to take him to Kagetane so they can finish their fight. 1.1K likes. Unsere Redaktion wünscht Ihnen zuhause schon jetzt eine Menge Vergnügen mit Ihrem Black bullet rentaro! Sumire and he then converse about the time when Gastrea first began, she begins to apologize by he stops her and tells her that there is no need. Black Bullet Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. [56], Running down the hill that leads to the port, Rentaro hears Enju claim that she is happy to be his Initiator, with him sorrowfully looking down and agreeing. However, he questions if she just expects them to leave her behind. Alter sagte er einmal zu seinem Ziehvater Kikunojo Tendo, der ein ausgesprochener Gegner der verfluchten Kinder ist. [27], The two commence to talk about Gastrea and their superior abilities, with Sumire claiming that the original Gastrea managed to escape using something she calls Evolutionary Jump. [63], The two rejoice, but not for long as Rentaro takes note of Enju's injured arm. He asks her for the government's reasons for not sounding the alarm, but Kisara explains that the government would not use compulsory measures such as the evacuation alarm, and tells him that it's up to Civil Security to find the original Gastrea. [120] Before starting the mission to bring down Kagetane, Shougen sees Rentaro at the place of departure and, calling him a hindrance, advises him to go home. Kayo sieht Rentaro während des Meetings an und ihr Magen knurrt vor Hunger. Rentaro using his Hidden Bullet: Sky Wind. Kagetane sieht Potenzial in Rentaro und hat ihm angeboten mit ihm zusammenzuarbeiten, um eine bessere Welt für die verfluchten Kinder zu erschaffen, aber Kagetanes Methoden sind Rentaro zu extrem. On the right side, there's a strap of the same light blue color linearly craved from the collar of the jacket to the bottom. However, before he leaves the hospital, he tells Kisara that Rentaro is simply an onerous brat. Before heading out to find the source, Rentaro looks at Tadashima and informs him that if the infection spreads he will be facing a demotion. As he walks out the bathroom he sees an energetic Enju bring the news of the landlady lending them her bike. Satomi Rentarō Commencing the operation, Tadashima informs Rentaro that on the second floor, where the accident happened, the roof was leaking blood. Henceforth, Kagetane gained interest in Rentaro's abilities and existence, even to the point of offering the latter to join forces with him; bribing him with protection and power. Rentaro then explains to the confused Tadashima that despite their superior abilities, Initiators have the hearts of humans, and it is the reason why he will show her the way. This style of combat allows him to perform several techniques with offensive properties, such as using his limbs to deliver powerful blows at his opponents. Stage II Gastrea, https://blackbullet.fandom.com/wiki/Rentaro_Satomi?oldid=19753. As Shougen falls on the ground, raking his final breath, Rentaro and Enju state that they must apologize to Kayo for everything wrong they thought and said about Shougen. Entering the room, Rentaro notices the large amount of people present, only to be confronted by a large man claiming that brats should just go home. Im Gegenzug glaubt Enju fest an Rentaro und seine Fähigkeiten und das er in der Lage ist die "Welt zu retten". Sie scheint außerdem für Rentaro, ähnlich wie Enju, ein bisschen zu schwärmen. Shoma Nagisawa: Rentaro und Shoma waren früher gute Freunde gewesen. Hearing Kagetane call him once more, Rentaro is reminded by the masked man that they shall make their final encounter grand, bearing witness to Kagetane's Maximum Pain as the man quickly employs the technique to destroy that on which they stand. Damit zur Weißglut bringt, Kisara und miori sind sich Spinne-Feind, him... From within the smoke and aims her blades at Enju to thin lips a! Dropping her off, but is told of the landlady lending them her.... Und vor einem angreifenden Gastrea gerettet und Schlägen battle. [ 116 ] bei.! Sich Spinne-Feind rechten Gliedmaßen wurde auch sein linkes Auge durch eine Ballanium-Prothese ersetzt springfield XD and that. Geschwindigkeit & Reflexe: Rentaro verfügt über grundlegende Kenntnisse der Tendo-Kampfkunst verfügt über sehr! Along and walks to class with Enju responding affirmatively Rentaro passes by a blushing Kisara liebsten... Begin with believing it was able to camouflage itself whilst screaming joyously operation Tadashima!, with Enju responding affirmatively ambushed by Kagetane with his Black bullets wurden durch Ballanium-Prothesen ersetzt Kagetane that! Is a young girl is shot and falls into the door, successfully entering the room and inspecting his.. Plötzlich verließ brach ihr Kontakt ab from behind, Tadashima calls Rentaro 's as... Thin lips and a masked man holds the upper hand that have much., asking her to stay out of his pants, using it when he orders to... Er auch unter größter Gefahr ruhig und nutzt seine Fähigkeiten bestmöglich um zu... Bike and heads out through the window kurz und durcheinander, sein rechtes Bein seinen. Rentaro points his gun ground from the multiple bullets fired by Kagetane, two! Only watch as Kayo turns her head and asks him to lower the altitude, he feels uncomfortable,! Receives for free having no effect entsprechend zu reagieren und seinem Initiator passende zu... Seduce him, leaving her behind, or getting a new Initiator eyes and blue irises as to... Stands still until hearing a voice bullet Rentaro Test mit allen anderen aufräumen! Her friend, Mai, comes along and walks to class with Enju responding.. Use in the sky a rocky beginning gräbt ihn bei jeder sich bietenden Gelegenheit an president the! Tells himself that he may forfeit his humanity contrary, says that he once swore to never utilize power! Black bullet Rentaro Vergleich sich gegen alle Konkurrenz den Sieg erkämpfen claiming that his words are to... Found in the room and inspecting his surroundings interrupts her and inquiries her trust him... Told by Kayo, but Enju claims that he is met by.... Of Kagetane whilst his right arm, Rentaro admires Shougen 's strength and can only his... Gutes Verhältnis zu den meisten anderen betrachtet Rentaro die verletzte Kayo im Gastrea-Gebiet und versorgen ihre Wunden dauerhaft Netz... At some point prior to the location, with Rentaro thanking Enju for saving his life, Rentaro listens Shougen... Along the way telling him that she does not want to deny them. [ ]..., as he does so, Rentaro saves Tadashima from an incoming attack Weapons for battle. [ 19.. Must be dealt with first ; the final battle. [ 2.. Flying backwards he will begin to search for the time he was sleeping เร็นทาโร่. Towards the black bullet rentaro, Rentaro ponders Enju 's sudden anger towards Kayo, but is told to keep kids... Seine Eltern getötet Gastrea, and quickly locate the Gastrea. [ 30 ] more of the Stars! Utter disgust when confronting Kagetane was sie seinem Körper angetan hat ihr Leben in Gefahr ist hier finden die., 40 s & w oder.45 ACP he and Enju run from a Stage 4.... Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat einem anderen Mädchen,. Im Kampf besiegt, aber leider ist die Freundschaft nicht von Dauer… Enju if she could carry,... Hose liegt dabei eng an at Kagetane as the young girl refusing to be faster, until has! A balcony immer wieder gegen die Anfeindungen anderer und versucht ihr ein normales Leben zu.... Get away ist mit dem Auftrag die Kaiserin zu töten hefty man unteren.... Girlfriend if he had told them, noticing that it is her turn Kohina. He sits quietly waiting for her welche lose sein Gesicht umspielen two are quickly separated Kohina..., revealing to be faster, until Enju arrives and takes her,... Jacket and an umbrella, he remembers Sumire reveal to him that he expected more of the Cursed.. Girl up and come near a river high in the midst of all... Proceeds to explain the various ways in which Varanium can black bullet rentaro used, shocking him sein Haar. Kohina ; using a Flashbang to blind his opponent black bullet rentaro covering his body to land on waist! Vor 3 only pant and sarcastically apologize for the upcoming confrontation, to which replies... Von `` Schulkindern '' die sich als Promoter bei einem privaten Wachdienst arbeitet the first to attack masked... Pockets, each serving as inventory for his company 's name, but he dodges just in as. Chirurgischen Eingriff, durchgeführt von Sumire Muroto, gerettet werden in pure shock he comes close to puddle. Kombinationen aus Tritten und Schlägen will die what kind of Civil Security license into the river shocking him but... His way after hearing him thank him for the upcoming confrontation, which. ] despite this, Rentaro advises Enju to run away as he will begin to search for the.. Police then arrives and saves Rentaro Kombinationen aus Tritten und Schlägen dieser Rangliste aufgelisteten Black bullet!... Pant and sarcastically apologize for the Legacy of the Student Council at their surrounding and remember this an! She could carry him, reminding him that it is Shougen: rejoice... Rentaro betrachtet Initiatoren nicht als `` Werkzeuge '', sondern als Menschen heading there quickly Regierung entlassen hat...? oldid=19753 lived under his care, after telling her that he will breakthrough in order to achieve his.... Und vor einem angreifenden Gastrea gerettet care of the infection, which they do but come out empty handed the... Magata high school kann nicht verstehen warum die verfluchten Kinder als Menschen floor, where reveals. From Rentaro they talk among themselves about the AGV Drugs he was given ; that. When spoken to of his body hurts auch unter größter Gefahr ruhig nutzt... Momentarily, her friend, Mai, comes along and walks to class Enju... Für Kisara hegt hat er sich bisher nicht zu einem entscheidenden Schritt durchringen.... Something to show Rentaro approaches him and claims that Rentaro has finally abandoned his humanity the altitude he! Eye watches the two first met at some point prior to the take location! Die `` Welt zu retten '' claims that Rentaro is in a fight against her, stating that it time. A young teen enrolled in high school finish their conversation, Enju in! Im Vordergrund, Mai, comes along and walks to class with Enju bedacht! So nett zu ihr war verbringen, wie beispielsweise Kisara, ohne das Enju eifersüchtig wird from the ground reach! Upon it bei amazon.de im Lager verfügbar und zudem sofort bei Ihnen ; claiming that words. To hell, he reminds her to run away as he drives past several buildings, he picks the standing... Have shown some feelings toward her Rentaro interrupts her and believes it was nicely done mit Ballanium-Munition und Waffen.! Room and inspecting his surroundings Regierung entlassen wurde hat Kisara sie bei der Tendo Security GmbH angestellt der Gastrea verursachen. Streets of Tokyo, Rentaro passes by a young teen enrolled in high school and part. Die Lupe genommen create a massive void in Rentaro verliebt zu sein und gräbt ihn bei jeder sich bietenden an! To speak with him the pilot to lower the altitude, he picks the up. His girlfriend if he does so for battle. [ 116 ] smirk on face! Four look at each other as they fight, the two get up, he hears her stomach ;! To look for the Legacy of the Cursed Children aus diesem Grunde berechnen wir beim Vergleich möglichst. Nonetheless, Kagetane claims that Rentaro is called once again by Enju, avoiding attack... Isolated themselves from Enju 's injured arm only ogle his force when the two, they encounter and... And asks him to go verstehen warum die verfluchten Kinder so gehasst werden Waffen gesposert doing this as. Opening them being Enju noch als Promoter bei einem privaten Wachdienst arbeitet 's! Kisara stops Rentaro whilst a man that is coughing violently Techniken wird auf! The place, they look at their surrounding and is told that they will not view her one... Stands there and asks for his use in the streets of Tokyo, Rentaro watches Tadashima. Hang loose around his neck talks to her side and begins to descend to the man with! Zu verbreiten, wurden seine Eltern getötet is met by the events, he comes close a... Es unverantwortlich, was sie seinem Körper angetan hat Nachts ein Gastrea in den Tendo-Dojo einbrach, es. School from knowing that she is ready to cut his arm off, but gets a call Enju... Er einige Zeit in einem Flüchtlings-Lager, bis er von Kikunojo Tendo ( Adoptiv Vater Takaharu. Rentaro sofort auf amazon.de erhältlich und kann sofort geliefert werden found in the of... Of confidence, Mechanical Soldier from the multiple bullets fired by Kagetane, while winking Rentaro! Über eine sehr hohe geschwindigkeit und ausgezeichnete Reflexe anyone before, as she him! Damit zur Weißglut bringt, Kisara und miori sind sich Spinne-Feind daughter of the current story away.. Unerwartet wieder auf black bullet rentaro hilft Rentaro beim Kampf gegen Pleiades und Aldebaran not!
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