ODRA take this opportunity to introduce the first of 10 BONY Lofts birds on to the ODRA auction and Explain as follows


Bony Lofts for the last few years only entered hens for racing, a method introduced by Koot van der Walt by his great friend Jef Vanwinkel from Belgium. Jef in contrast to koot does not even enter young cocks in to young bird races, he sells the male birds straight after birth.

Bony lofts however, tested the male off-springs in the young bird series and bar for the culling of the weak, they never sold or disposed of any cocks, they used them as true widowers to enhance the performance of the racing-hens. The result being that Bony Lofts ended up after three years with far too many cocks. Hence the offering of these cocks on Auction.

The money raised on this sale will first go to the expenses of the auction, and then will be contributed to ODRA to make available funds to purchase 40 new Benzing live systems at an estimated cost of R350 Thousand Rand. Should the Auction not realise these funds more Auctions will be held with birds from more fanciers including the Imports of Mr Kierie Krugel who has offered to contribute 50% of funds realised from the sale of his imports.

Does that mean Odra will give their members a Benzing live system for free?

Certainly not,  but members will be allowed to pay their Live systems of over 1, 2 or 3 years depending on their credit worthiness and financial need. The funds flowing in to Odra from these financial deals, will be used to obtain and maintain transport as well as guarantees for future price money. All co-op members of Odra will thus benefit from the fruits of this auction


Word from Bony Lofts

As owner of Bony lofts I can only mention that the birds on Auction is offered with pride and confidence. In total I must have, over the last 10 years spent in excess of R1M on Pigeons from all well-known national and international Champions such as Gaby Vandenable, Wal Zoontjies, Ad Schaerlaeken, Jef Van Winkel, Dave Clausing and others, locally we have strengthened our loft’s genes with racers from Johan Jonker, Ian McKay, Tom Lock and spent in the last year +- R100K on the Out of Africa website, the pride of our lofts is the Turbo Tom 3 Cousins and a niece (see breeders catalogue)

  • 6288 ex Martin van Staden bronze SANPO Ace bird long distance,
  • 2612 4th SCMDPR ex Jaques Parsons Bloemfontein,
  • 072 ex Du Preez en Deetlef Pretoria as well as the niece
  • 59672 Turbo Jenny who bred one youngster with 072 (8072) before she became barren.

The birds on offer are not youngsters with no history and where mentioned, have proofed themselves as breeders, when paired to the racing hens at the end of the racing season.

Except for 5 birds sold on the Out of Africa website, to raise money for a race-result-program for the OERF in 2015, I have never sold any pigeons, although I have often bred 30 or 40 Birds for fellow club members as a gift, who then, almost every time beat me in some races with those birds.

I don’t enter my birds for race distances longer than 750km to 800 km hence I have never been a federation Champion but have been club champion many times, even missing out on the last races.

I offer these birds to my fellow fanciers with pride and joy and trust they will breed many champions.

May the birds on auction serve to change and improve the Racing pigeon sport forever.

In the interest of the Pigeon, long live ODRA

Koot van der Walt
083 269 2492

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